Fiscal Committee Authorizes funding for the Attorney General to Get Tough on Crime

CONCORD, NH -- Led by Senate President Ted Gatsas the legislative Fiscal Committee today authorized $420,000 in additional funding to the State of New Hampshire Attorney Generals Office. These monies will be appropriated for the purposes of employing two full-time Senior Attorneys, a full-time Para-legal, a part-time Secretary, qualified experts and expenses.

Senate President Ted Gatsas began, “It’s crucial that the AttorneyGeneral’s office receive all means necessary to take cop killers off the street once and for all. Everyday state and local law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of New Hampshire and we must seek the death penalty in this instance in order for justice to be served.”

Senate Majority Leader Bob Clegg added, “It was imperative that the Fiscal Committee move quickly and definitively to provide the resources necessary to the Attorney Generals Office. This money is directly targeted to achieve the extradition and sentencing of Michael Addison - there’s no question that we stand 100% behind Attorney General Ayotte and the Manchester Police Department.”

“As the Senate President and an Alderman in the City of Manchester I know that the state and local communities must work together to get tough on crime. Community safety is vital to the quality of life for all citizens. As government officials it’s our duty to respond effectively to the needs of our local communities. I am pleasedthat my colleagues on the Fiscal Committee supported this motion.” concluded Gatsas.

The motion offered by Senate President Ted Gatsas and seconded by Senator Jack Barnes was passed on a unanimous roll call vote.