“Shame on Ray Buckley. It seems that every two years as the general election draws near and his pipe dreams start evaporating, we are constantly subject to Democrat City Chairman Ray Buckley’s childish antics and boorish behavior, to say nothing of his constantly violating election laws and getting caught tearing down opponent’s signs and slandering everyone in sight.” according to Manchester Republican Committee City Chairman Jerry Thibodeau.

Last Sunday the man who specializes in hitting all time lows was at it again on his weekly community television program. First, he attacked Massachusetts Republican Gubernatorial nominee, Kerry Healy, claiming that her political ads were deceitful. Coming from Buckley, it’s hard to tell whether he meant that as a compliment or a criticism. When the Democrat Party runs an ad taking completely out of context Jim Coburn’s statement on the gasoline tax, its okay for them to completely misstate Coburn’s position, but it is wrong for Healy to print the truthful facts about her Democrat opponent.

Buckley then gets out of his playpen and starts ripping unnamed gay NH House Republicans for not “coming out of the closet” but its okay for the gay Democrats to stay in the closet. He then attacks hard-working Senator Andre Martel as, “a friend of the special interests and not a friend of the people.” Martel is best known for his fight to save the Catholic Medical Center for the people of the West Side.

Buckley and his henchmen then praise Governor Lynch’s honesty while lying themselves. They give Governor John Lynch credit for passing the state’s operating budget after eliminating a $300 million dollar deficit that never existed. Lynch’s tremendous victory on the budget received one Democratic vote out of 400 House members and one Democratic Senate vote out of 24 members. Buckley then goes on to laud his ally, Betsy DeVries, who can’t think of any issues other than mouthing support for longer jail sentences for sexual predators. Do Lynch and DeVries know anybody who is for sexual predators? And, isn’t it a fact that many Democrats voted against the legislation that was enacted because it was too tough?

Buckley then goes on to attack respected Executive Councilor and former five-term Manchester Mayor RayWieczorek who he says, “acts freakish” and then calls him “poor old Ray Wieczorek, who never talks about what he does on theExecutive Council.” Buckley might want to look on Wieczorek’s webpage, which headlines what the Executive Council does and what he has done to save the taxpayers money in holding up contracts like the $137,000 Community College alarm one-bid contract. This smells like a little boy’s sour grapes because Buckley himself ran against Wieczorek two years ago and was soundly defeated in his own home Ward 8, where people knew him best by a vote of 2656 to 1768--a margin of 888 votes. Buckley, who television host Dave Gelinas says spent a quarter of a million dollars of his and the city and state democrat party’s money on the race, lost the entire district by14,623 votes--which you could call the kind of whipping a misbehaving bad boy deserves.

Buckley , after having run for the office should know that the Executive Council is not a legislative body and you don’t sponsor legislation—you scrutinize contracts. And Wieczorek has the reputation of being the Councilor who asks the most probing questions and examines the finite details of every contract that comes before the Council. That’s what the job is. Somebody should explain that to Buckley in simple words that he might understand.

Buckley , who led the fight against the Verizon Center in Concord, then falsely claims that “Wieczorek’s statement about the Verizon Center is filled with misstatements and lies—not even half of which are true.”

“Ray, I challenge you to provide to the media of this district a list of even one misstatement or lie in that press statement,” declared Thibodeau, “you know its factual and you can’t stand the truth.”

Buckley then goes on to call venerable and respected former Speaker of the House, 76-year-old Marshall Cobleigh a “half-wit.” Calling Cobleigh, who has served as top advisor to such a disparate group of politicians including, Governor Mel Thomson, Governor Walter Peterson, Governor John H. Sununu, Congressman Bill Zeliff, a “half-wit” is like an alien from outerspace who lands in New Hampshire calling Buckley, “a truth-teller.”

The Democrat Party should once again be ashamed of Ray Buckley’s name-calling, lying and juvenile behavior and come forward with true facts--not generalities and slander to discuss the real issues before the voters of the state.