Manchester , NH – Today Manchester Republican Chairman Jerry T hibodeau released the following statement regarding the state constitution and education funding:

“ Jim Coburn is the only candidate for Governor who understands and correctly interprets the state constitution.

Republican candidate for governor, Jim Coburn , said he would not allow the State Supreme Court to usurp the power of the legislative and executive branches and would ignore the Supreme Court’s opinions regarding school funding.

It is about time New Hampshire has a candidate for governor who is not a mealy mouse, weak-kneed, uninspired executive.

Coburn’s comments are correct and accurate. The constitution states that the legislature “shall make laws that are not repugnant or contrary to the constitution.” The New Hampshire constitution was drafted in 1784 to protect the people.

Jim Coburn understands that whatever the court’s opinion of legislatively passed education plans, the court may not assume legislative powers and impose its own spending system, tax policy or any other legislative function. No governor should enforce a court legislated plan and remain faithful to his oath to uphold the constitution. This is not an attack on the court or its traditional judicial role. It is merely a defense of the separation of judicial and legislative authority.

Jim Coburn also understands the Supreme Court justices overstepped their boundaries and therefore are not acting in the best interest of all the people of New Hampshire .

With years of weak performance, lame excuses, and lack of leadership, haven't you had enough?”