Romney Has Yet to Answer Tough Questions

Statement by Stephen Abbott, New Hampshire Coordinator and National Communications Director for the John Cox for President campaign:

"As an elected delegate to today’s state Republican convention in Concord, I heard Massachusetts governor and possible future presidential candidate Mitt Romney give the keynote address.

No doubt attracted by his celebrity and undeniable charm, many of the state party’s elites have signed onto his Political Action Committee, seen by many as a tacit endorsement of his future candidacy.

But most voters will wait to jump onto that bandwagon until tough questions are asked of the CANDIDATE Mitt Romney.

For example, while he said today that he likes New Hampshire’s no income tax/no sales tax climate, and joked, "I wish we could make that work in Massachusetts," they might ask why he actively opposed eliminating the income tax when it was a 2002 ballot measure in his state.

I support John Cox, a Reagan Republican who wants to eliminate the Federal income tax. He is the first announced 2008 presidential candidate. He is taking the tough questions, and during his six visits to the state, he has made many friends among average rank-and-file Republicans - the ones who will actually decide who the next president will be. I urge Republicans to give him due consideration."

John Cox, a successful Chicago businessman and former Cook County Republican president, built himself up from poverty to start five companies. He has organizations in 11 states, and has 51 volunteer county coordinators nationwide. See for more information.