The candidate’s statements of receipts and expenditures for the general election filed October 18, show that challenger Paul Martineau has been unable to generate much in the way of support or dollars for his challenge to incumbent Councilor Ray Wieczorek.

Only 13 individuals are listed as contributors to the Martineau campaign and Ray Wieczorek has seven and a half times more contributors for a total of 97 contributors during the same time period. Wieczorek raised $15,690 from individuals and Martineau raised $1,315 from individuals. Wieczorek’s average contribution received was $181 versus $101 for Martineau. The lack of interest in Martineau’s campaign is also exemplified by the cash on hand totals shown in the report. Wieczorek, with all his newspaper advertising prepaid, shows cash on hand of $22,380--eleven times more than the cash on handMartineau shows of $2,050. Of the total Martineau raised, $4,100 was his own personal money--which indicates he has raised less than $2,000 for this campaign from individuals.