Wall Pledges Tougher Sentencing for Child Predators

NASHUA - State Senate candidate Nancy Wall has pledged to work for even tougher laws to deal with child sexual predators.

“I believe we must work harder to pass legislation and enforce laws that protect our children and grandchildren from the worst of society’s criminals, child sexual predators. I support maximum penalties for child predators,” Wall stated in her remarks at a candidate’s summit hosted by the Nashua area chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business at Rivier College last night.

Wall’s opponent, incumbent Senator David Gottesman, was one of only three senators who voted against New Hampshire’s Child Protection Act, signed into law earlier this year. The new law increases mandatory minimum sentences and prohibits registered offenders from living near a school, daycare center or park. It also improves public access to the registry, stiffens penalties for not registering and toughens bail requirements for accused offenders.

“I will work to establish even tougher restrictions on convicted child sexual predators who have been released after serving prison time. We keep hearing in the news about these convicted criminals who have been let out after only serving a few months for a conviction. Then they attack another child and many times the second offense is even more violent and disgusting than the first. It’s just not acceptable. We must work harder to protect our children and grandchildren. We must deal with these criminals with the heaviest of penalties and I plan to propose legislation that will do just that,” Wall said.

Wall said she applauds the efforts of County Attorney Marguerite Wageling and other state leaders who have vowed to pursue stronger punishments for using the internet to solicit sex with children and longer prison terms for possession of child pornography.

“I will work with County Attorney Wageling, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and local law enforcement to craft legislation that will include increased punishment for repeat offenders. Internet access is exploding and we need legislation that will stop these online predators,” Wall stated.