“One has to wonder when you look at the Paul Martineau for Executive Council amateurish website, why one of the five main headings entitled, ‘Fiscal Responsibilities’ shows a blank page,” declares Wieczorek for Executive Council spokesman Marshall Cobleigh.

“I’m aware that he makes grossly inflated claims about how much money he allegedly saved the taxpayers. Those claims are pure unadulterated baloney” Cobleigh declared. “During his tenure of office, welfare caseloads have dropped precipitously nationwide. In New Hampshire, the number of people receiving welfare has dropped 42 percent from 10,500 to 6,100 over the past decade. These facts have nothing to do with Paul Martineau’s job as local welfare dispenser. This drop in welfare caseloads, which Martineau is trying to claim credit for and tell people he is solely responsible for, came about because Congress changed the goals and objectives of welfare programs—not because of anything Paul Martineau did.

It is true that Martineau does not understand that under RSA 165:A, his main duty is ‘to assist any person in the city who is poor and unable to support himself.’ His job is to provide temporary assistance, especially for housing, in these cases. He has utterly failed that duty. For instance, in the case where a local citizen’s house burned down and the lady applied for temporary assistance, and in the case of a person who moved here from the country of Lebanon when their home was destroyed in that conflict—in both cases, Martineau refused to provide temporary assistance because of technicalities. Both families, after much run around, got help from other agencies and are now back as productive, taxpaying members of society. What Martineau did was to subject these people in need to a bureaucratic time-delaying struggle rather than carrying out his statutory assistance to provide assistance to people at time of need.

Or perhaps the Fiscal Responsibilities page is blank on Martineau’s website because Martineau does not want the public to know that as a tax assessor he personally cost the taxpayers of Manchester a quarter of a million dollars because he failed to attend a legally-mandated meeting.

It’s one thing to take credit for national and state decreased welfare load trends and claim it’s because of your great talent as an administrator in the City of Manchester alone. But the facts are that Paul Martineau is, once again, trying to fool the taxpayers by taking credit for decreased caseloads that he had little or nothing to do with,” Cobleigh concluded.