Charlie Bass: Proven Independent Leader - Paul Hodes: Angry Attack Dog

PELHAM, NH – Pelham Young Republicans Chairman Shaun Doherty issued the following statement in support of Congressman Charlie Bass:


Congressman Charlie Bass is an important independent voice in Washington, and has repeatedly gone against his own party to work in a bipartisan manner. Bass has voted against unnecessary spending bills, and continually stands on his fiscally conservative principles. Charlie Bass has led the fight to hold the oil companies responsible for MTBE pollution, and to preserve our environment. Congressman Bass has continually fought to make sure that Special Education is properly funded, and has cast votes against his own party in his effort to achieve this. Paul Hodes, Bass’ opponent, is an angry attack dog, who offers nothing but negative attacks, and a defeatist mentality.


Paul Hodes recently sunk to a new low with a mail piece sent to thousands of homes in New Hampshire showing pictures of military vehicles on fire with brave American soldiers perishing in them. The front of the mail piece showed a simulated television scene with a soldier crying. This is a gross exploitation of our brave soldier’s lives and this political attack ad is morally wrong. Paul Hodes should be ashamed to have his name on the “Paid for By” tag on the mailer.


Congressman Bass understands that we are in a difficult position and some mistakes have been made in Iraq, but we cannot leave before the Iraqi military is able to defend the nation from falling to the terrorists. Paul Hodes supports retreat and defeat in Iraq, a position that would make New Hampshire families less safe, and our world a more dangerous place. Hodes takes the position that American troops should be redeployed to Kurdistan, but he fails to understand that moving troops there would only cause more foreign policy problems with nations like Turkey. It is clear that victory in this important stage in the War on Terror is out of the question for Paul Hodes.


In his nearly twelve years in Congress, Bass has consistently fought for middle class tax cuts, but Hodes has said that he would erase those cuts, costing the average New Hampshire family $2000. Some of Congressman Bass’ strong independent stances have made himunpopular with people in his own party. Bass took on Tom Delay, and helped force his resignation, a move that few on Capitol Hill had the courage to make. Congressman Charlie Bass deserves our support, and has worked hard for New Hampshire. On November 7th, vote for one of the most important independent voices in Congress, Charlie Bass.