Semprini Says Democrats Will Raise Taxes if Elected

Concord , NH - Lauding a new web ad released by the Republican National Committee entitled “Tax Man,” New Hampshire State Republican Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini warned today that Democrats will raise taxes at all levels of government if elected.

“ Make no bones about it, Democrats will raise taxes if elected. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter will increase your federal taxes in Washington just as Democrats in the state legislature will look to raise New Hampshire taxes,” said Semprini. “Voters understand what is at stake and that is why they will vote Republican on November 7th – to keep the Granite State sales tax and income tax free and to preserve the New Hampshire advantage.”

“Tax Man” takes a humorous look into Democrat tax policies and what it would mean to taxpayers if they regained majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. “Tax Man” will be emailed to millions of Republican supporters, grassroots activists, and all state parties across the country including tens of thousands of grassroots activists in New Hampshire.

“The new ad is a light look at a serious issue and is especially poignant here in New Hampshire,” commented Semprini. “Taxes and freedom are important issues to New Hampshire voters. New Hampshire has the lowest tax burden in the nation and voter know that their only way to preserve that advantage and to keep taxes low is to vote Republican.”

The web ad “Tax Man” is available for viewing now on or

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“Tax Man”


What if you woke up a year from today...

...the Democrats had taken over...and you were able to see their new taxes?

See every nickel you spend...

...see every dollar you lose.

See your taxes taken, every minute of every hour, week after week.

And from the day we're born, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, no matter who you are: man, woman, young, old, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest or Deep South...

…until the day we die, they will never stop. They will never quit.

And yet, some people don't think it's enough. If Democrats take over Congress, they will raise taxes by 2.4 trillion dollars to keep up with their reckless spending.

This taxation is insidious and it is growing. The burden increasingly falls on the average American family. Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred. So maybe the question isn't "Can you afford more of this ?"...

...But "can you afford more of them ?"

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