Coburn calls for Coordinated State-Wide Public Safety Plan

Manchester The security and safety of New Hampshire residents has to be a top priority of any administration. New Hampshire is a great place to live and raise a family but recent spikes in crime and violence across New Hampshire should serve as sad indication that more needs to be done. New Hampshire needs a comprehensive state wide public safety plan; I urge the Governor and the Legislature to join me in achieving that goal.

The following is the beginning of what should be an ongoing effort and exchange of ideas among state and local leaders to reach that goal.

Collaborative effort with state and local communities to reduce crime.

New York State brings together local and federal personnel and resources to fight crime where it is needed the most, using a program called Operation IMPACT, a comprehensive crime fighting program designed to achieve sustained, long term crime reduction across the state of NewYork. Operation IMPACT supports the development of a local infrastructure to address crime problems collectively, proactively, and strategically at the local level. Local partnerships work together to determine how to maximize the deployment of available state and local resources. This infrastructure includes four fundamental components .

· Active partnerships between Federal, State and local communities.

· Timely and Accurate Crime Data

· Shared Information

· Effective Strategies

This program should be looked at and used as a guideline for implementation of a similar New Hampshire tailored program. To find more information on Operation Impact please go to

Accountability in the Courts

As stated by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire Judges need to hold up their end and implement tougher sentences on repeat offenders. A Coburn Administration would have a litmus test on judicial nominees that as a rule, they will seek to punish criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Legislative Reform

With the changing nature of crime, gangs, drugs and out of  state influences, a comprehensive review of New Hampshire’s criminal code needs to be conducted in order to ensure we have laws that send a clear message that the days of lenient sentences are over. Criminals seeking to come to New Hampshire and commit crimes need to be given a reason to think twice.

Regional Collaboration

New Hampshire is not an island to itself. Crime influences from surrounding states and communities certainly play a significant role in our crime problem locally. New Hampshire state and local public safety officials need to work with police and law enforcement officials from across New England.

“State officials and Governor Lynch have taken a first step in dealing with a new era of crime in New Hampshire by putting more dollars and officers on the streets of, but this is only a first step. To be truly effective in curbing violence and, I ask the Governor to join me in calling for the need of a statewide public safety plan and the time for such a plan is now. In fact, the need for such a plan that includes all levels of law enforcement, first responders, political officials and community leaders is overdue.” said Jim Coburn