Carol Shea-Porter joins unions in celebrating American democracy

Carol Shea-Porter was one of the featured speakers Wednesday night at an event in Portsmouth Wednesday night sponsored by the Metal Trades Council of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The Metal Trades Council, representing eleven unions and approximately 2500 workers at the shipyard, had formally endorsed Shea-Porter earlier in the week.

The event was a celebration of American democracy and of the right to vote.  Kelsi O'Connor, daughter of Metal Trades Council Local President Paul O'Connor, read the preamble to the Constitution.  Ron Ault, National President of the Metal Trades Council, spoke of the critical importance of the upcoming elections.

John Joyal, one of the central figures in the fight to save the Portsmouth Shipyard, spoke movingly about the promise of American democracy.  Standing before an enormous American flag, Joyal urged the audience to "never underestimate the power of that flag.  Never underestimate our ability to make real change this country.  Our lives, and our children's lives, depend on it."

"I am honored to stand here tonight before the people who get the job done in America," said Carol Shea-Porter in her remarks.  "I will work for the people who work for America.  We may not be in the top 1% but there are many more of us."

At 5:00 am on Thursday morning, Carol Shea-Porter met many workers as entered the gates of shipyard.  "They have given me incredible support," she said.  "I want them to know that I will do everything in my power to work for them."