Fifty New Hampshire Representatives Join Straight Talk America

ALEXANDRIA,VA – 50 New Hampshire State Representatives have joined Straight TalkAmerica to form a legislative advisory committee to counsel Senator McCain onissues involving the 2006 elections.

RepresentativeNancy Stiles said, “As Republican elected office holders, we are honoredto work with Senator McCain and Straight Talk Americato help elect Republican candidates in New Hampshire and throughout the nation in2006.”

“I am honored by the outpouring of support from NewHampshire Republicans,” said Senator McCain. “I value theiradvice and look forward to working together for a successful November.”

Joining Straight Talk America:

MaryAllen, David Babson Jr., Peter Bergin, D.J.Bettencourt, Russell Bridle, Kevin Waterhouse, Packy Campbell, JimCarew, MarkCarter, Richard Cooney, Pamela Coughlin, Janeen Dalrymple, James Danforth, AndrewDorsett, Richard Drisko, PatriciaDunlap, SheliaFoote, Carolyn Gargasz, Thomas Gillick, Edmond Gionet, William Golding, Elizabeth Hager, Keith Hirschmann, Deb Hogancamp, Randolph “Rip” Holden, Bruce Hunter, Karen Keegan Hutchinson, Russell Ingram, Chris Irish, FrederickKing Sr., Rudy Lessard, JaneLangley, Priscilla Lockwood, Jim MacKay, Roy Maxfield, Irene Messier, Benjamin Moore, Tim O’Connell, Leo Pepino, James “Doc” Pilliod, Dennis Reed, William Remick, Ralph Rosen, Robert Rowe, David Russell, Donald Ryder, Elizabeth Sanders, Tony Soltani, Nancy Stiles, Eric Stohl.