Morse calls on Lynch & Hollingworth to stop illegal, negative ads

SALEM – State Senator and Executive Council Candidate, Chuck Morse, today called on Governor John Lynch and Beverly Hollingworth to stop the illegal, unethical, and untrue negative campaigns ads being run against him by the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee.

“As the leader of his party, and as someone who talks about ethics in government, I’m calling on Governor Lynch to publicly demand that the State Democrat Party immediately stop their illegal ads.” said Morse. “These attack ads are clearly meant to influence this race and they have not been properly reported to the Secretary of State. It is a clear violation of our campaign finance laws on independent expenditures. That’s both illegal and unethical. Governor Lynch needs to immediately put a stop to this.”

“I requested that the Secretary of State and the Attorney General investigate this matter quickly and aggressively. The Democrat State Committee is clearly violating the law. They need to cease and desist immediately, pay the appropriate fines, and agree never to do it again. Elections are much too important to allow illegal and deceptive campaign ads to get in the way of the real issues that people care about.”