Governor’s Councilor Ray Wieczorek’s spokesman, Marshall Cobleigh, blasted opponent, Paul Martineau, for “grossly distorting Wieczorek’s record as five-term Mayor of Manchester and at the same time, trying to take credit for tax savings that he (Martineau) had little or nothing to do with.”

“Martineau told the second largest newspaper in the state that Wieczorek was ‘a big spender’ and falsely claimed that ‘Manchester tax rates went up more than any time in the Queen City’s history under Wieczorek’s tenure.’ Martineau is either deliberately lying or does not, after 21 years as a city assessor, understand or comprehend how to read the official Manchester tax rates.” Cobleigh declared.

“The official manual of Manchester New Hampshire’s City Government—the so-called ‘red book’ that sits in every department head’s office, clearly shows that the total tax increases under Wieczorek’s ten-year stewardship were 18.59 percent—which figures out to an average tax rate increase of 1.86 percent per year. The ‘red book’ also shows that the biggest tax increase in history was in 1987, when taxes went up 16 percent under a Democratic predecessor—an increase almost equal in one year to the increases over ten years of Wieczorek’s tenure. What part of the official figures doesn’t Martineau understand? Why is he spouting false information about his respected opponent’s record? Doesn’t he care about thetruth?” Cobleigh asks.

“When looking at Wieczorek’s record, you have to be aware, as well, that shortly after he took office five banks failed in one day and the city was in a serious recession. During those ten years, Wieczorek built the Verizon Center Arena, refurbished the Manchester Airport, completely revitalized Elm Street and sparked the redevelopment of Manchester’s Millyard—all while holding the tax increase to 1.86 percent annually. He also was instrumental in putting together, with state and federal authorities, Operation Street Sweeper, which held in abeyance the drug and crime problems in the inner city atthat time.”

“Ray Wieczorek has a lifetime record of working for, caring for, and understanding people like you. If Martineau’s ridiculous false charges were true, he would not have received the ‘1999 Citizen of the Year Award’ from the Granite State Taxpayers Association or the ‘1999 Citizen of the Year Award’ from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.”

“Martineau also takes credit for huge tax savings as Welfare Commissioner. He, however, does not tell the people that during the past decade, state welfare rolls declined 42 percent and the homeless figures in Manchester have risen dramatically because of his alleged savings.” Cobleigh concluded telling Martineau, “Get your facts straight for a change and tell, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.”