CONCORD - Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini today called on Governor Lynch and New Hampshire Democrats to stop playing politics with the safety of New Hampshire citizens. Yesterday in an overtly political move, Governor Lynch cancelled a meeting with Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta to discuss crime fighting efforts. The cancellation came as an apparent retaliation for criticisms of Governor Lynch regarding his lack of leadership dealing with crime.

"Since his election, Governor Lynch has failed to show leadership on any issue and when he is called out for his failure to provide a comprehensive public safety program he reacts by playing politics and canceling a meeting designed to make New Hampshire citizen's safer," said Semprini. "Sadly, the governor prefers press conferences to real work and when anyone is critical of him he takes his ball and goes home. New Hampshire deserves better."

After failing to address the public safety issue since his election in 2004, Governor Lynch finally held an election time meeting with Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta on Monday to discuss crime fighting efforts. A follow-up meeting was set to further discuss coordinating the state and city response to violent crime. Shortly after remarks critical of Governor Lynch's failure to address this issue were reported in the media, the governor's office cancelled the follow-up meeting and used the Democrat  party to politicize the issue by attacking Mayor Guinta in a stunt press conference.

"It's just shameful that Governor Lynch would play election time politics with people's lives. Governor Lynch should apologize for his disgraceful behavior and get about the business of making New Hampshire citizens safer. After all it's only taken him three years and a horrific tragedy on election eve to begin thinking about addressing the issue," concluded Semprini.