MANCHESTER – Manchester Republican Chairman Jerry Thibodeau released the following statement:
"Saturday’s Union Leader reports that Democratic Aldermen and candidates for State Senate Lou D’Alessandro and Betsi DeVries are condemning Mayor Frank Guinta as a hypocrite and weak leader for defending and protecting Manchester citizens against the criminal element in Manchester.
The mayor has been working with area towns and cities to concentrate their efforts in finding new and effective ways to protect the citizens of southern New Hampshire since the beginning of this year.
After the murder of Officer Michael Briggs, Mayor Guinta requested a PRIVATE meeting with Gov. Lynch in which the mayor asked the state to supply more revenue and manpower for a taskforce to assist in protecting the streets of Manchester from the criminal elements.
This taskforce was to operate in a covert/secret way in troubled areas of the city beginning the last weekend of October.
The Wednesday before the operation was to begin, the Union Leader reported that Governor Lynch sent out a political news release touting the wonderful things he was doing for Manchester, and exposed the upcoming actions of the taskforce in the process.
Gov. Lynch has effectively scuttled the taskforce’s operational effectiveness, since criminals could now simply "lay low" during the time it was to go into effect.
Governor Lynch should be ashamed and embarrassed for politicizing and exposing this taskforce.
Manchester Democrats have been exposed as hypocrites for condoning and failing to condemn the Governors actions, and John Lynch has once again shown himself to be a weak and simple minded leader."