Volunteers to search for Maura Murray Oct. 21 & 22

In Feb. 2004 Maura Murray disappeared after a minor car accident in Haverhill, NH. Since that time an extensive law enforcement investigation has not resolved the issue, nor located Maura. This investigation is continuing.

A group of volunteer private investigators from The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc and from other states has been examining the case for a year. They are working with the assistance of the Molly Bish Foundation. (Molly Bish.Org) All of the investigators are working to help the family Pro Bono.

On October 21, 22 2006 the investigators and volunteer K-9 handlers, from out of state, will be conducting a ground search in the area of the disappearance. /p>

They are soliciting donations of lodging ( for the out of state K-9s and family only) and other items such as bottled water, drinks, snacks, gas cards ( for the out of state K-9s or family members only) and meals or lunches to support this volunteer effort.

They are also asking for the local property owners to offer them their cooperation, access and understanding during this effort.

To learn more about Maura's story visit MauraMurray.com.

For more info on this effort go to www.litigationintelligence.com