Who Will You Trust to Fight Taxes?

The Executive Council race boils down to one simple question: Who will you trust to fight taxes? I have a history of cutting costs and saving money for taxpayers—my opponent does not. While I have received support from Republicans and Democrats, even fellow Republicans distrust Wieczorek with their taxes. The answer is clear: vote Paul Martineau for Executive Council.

For the past 4 ½ years, I have saved taxpayer dollars by cutting costs and fighting welfare fraud. I want to bring this same work ethic and resolve to the Executive Council.

Wieczorek loves to “talk trash” without providing evidence, but there are a few things that he will not talk about:

He will not talk about his record of raising taxes. Wieczorek raised taxes more than any other Mayor in the history of Manchester. [1]

He will not talk about the no-bid contracts he approved with Governor Craig Benson. Under Wieczorek and Benson, the number of no-bid contracts skyrocketed 60%. [2]

He will not talk about the Republican support I have received:

Republican Ward 9 Alderman Mike Garritty: “Commissioner Martineau has a track record of success at the Welfare Department. He is saving the city money and running an efficient department.”

Republican Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta: “He’s done it year after year…and I think it’s a tribute to Paul to show us how we can provide excellent city service at a minimal cost.”

He will not talk about Jack Heath, the Coburn Advisor and Republican who said, “Wieczorek solves problems by raising taxes. We cannot trust Ray Wieczorek on taxes.” [3]

I asked before, who will you trust to fight taxes? My opponent solves problems by raising taxes; I solve problems by cutting costs and ending fraud.

While my opponent follows the failed policies of Governor Benson, I have the support of Governor Lynch: “Paul Martineau is a dedicated public servant who understands the needs of New Hampshire’s working families and the importance of watching out for taxpayer dollars.”

I will work with Governor Lynch to keep the New Hampshire Advantage and make the state better for businesses and for the people.

Paul Martineau


[1] Office of the Mayor, 2/20/02

[2] NH Business Review 8/20/04

[3] Union Leader, 8/30/96