Backus Vows Clean Campaign, Urges Ted Gatsas to Do the Same

Manchester—“I have enjoyed working hard on the campaign trail for the last several months—going door-to-door talking to voters, engaging in candidate forums across the district, marching in parades, and hearing from the residents of district 16 about the issues that are important to them, like public safety and public health, a strong education system, better healthcare, a clean environment, and freedom from government intrusion.

Throughout the entire campaign I have said that I would serve the interests of the people of the district better than my opponent. I have pledged to work with Governor Lynch to find common sense solutions to our state’s challenges in a way that focuses on progress, not politics. If I am elected I will not act as a roadblock to the governor’s agenda, as my opponent has done. I sincerely believe that I will serve interests of the district better than my opponent.

With this in mind, I will continue to point out the differences between my opponent and myself on the issues. I believe that that is the duty of people who wish to serve the public interest by working as representatives at any level of government. That is, elections are about choices between candidates based on the values and positions those candidates have. And people deserve to know the facts about who they will be voting for or against. I will never apologize for educating the public about my opponent’s record as a public servant.

But, in a like manner, I will never publicly defame my opponent’s character or personal life. Unfortunately, in our public encounters, my opponent has made nasty personal comments to me, presumably to intimidate me. Obviously, this has not worked. Regardless of the words or actions of my opponent, I will stick to the issues on which we differ and keep my hands clean of personal attacks.

More importantly, as we have seen, voters are turned off by scurrilous mudslinging. Unfortunately, some of the worst examples of this type of attack are happening right now in states like Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Virginia. Sadly, the bulk of these baseless attacks are coming from Republicans who are behind in the polls. I will never stoop to that level of attack for two reasons. First, I believe that it is harmful to the democratic process because it is designed to depress voter turnout.

Second, I believe I can win on the basis of the issues. I hope that my opponent will agree with me on this aspect of the campaign and follow suit. And may the best man win on November 7th.”

Bob Backus is a New Hampshire native who has practiced law in Manchester for over 40 years. District 16 covers the towns of Bow, Candia, Dunbarton and Hooksett and wards 1, 2, and 12 of Manchester.