Guinta Comments Regarding Politicization of Public Safety Debate

I have read with great disgust, the politicization of the public safety interests of the City of Manchester. I for one take public safety to be of such importance that partisan politics should be relegated to the backbench. Given the great outpouring by the community to support the Manchester Police Department and their efforts to make our neighborhoods a safer place to be, it is incumbent upon all leaders to recognize that public safety should neither be a Democrat nor a Republican issue – it should be a community issue."

"However, we must also recognize that our concerted efforts to date have not gone far enough to fix a problem that affects the communities of Southern New Hampshire. This is why I unveiled my six-part action plan, which will remain my focus throughout my first term as Mayor, and which I hope puts Manchester back on track."

"I do not believe that there is a rift with Governor Lynch and in fact, I welcome his participation in this war on crime. I remain committed to seeing this issue through and look forward to continuing my work with state officials in the coming year, whomever they may be."