New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Releases Information About New Hampshire Candidates

(Concord,NH) –In an unprecedented move, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA), a non-partisan, grassroots organization, has formally endorsed 133 candidates in New Hampshire's upcoming general election. NHLA volunteers spent hundreds of hours analyzing the voting records of all 400 current members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, in what is believed to be the world's only full-spectrum "Liberty Report Card" for a democratically elected legislature.

In addition, many dozens of hopeful challengers to incumbent Representatives sent their answers on a "Liberty Quiz" to the NHLA; those who scored at least 80% for pro-freedom positions also received official endorsement.

 Each of the endorsed candidates embrace individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility. They recognize the importance of freedom over coercion, respect the citizen's right of self-ownership, and recognize that voluntary economic decisions are more productive than politically motivated schemes of bureaucracies.

 The full list of endorsed candidates, as well as news and analysis of key issues affecting New Hampshire, is available at

 The NHLA urges New Hampshire citizens to vote informed.