Attack on Home Of Woman Candidate

Hollis, NH --- Monday night, under cover of darkness for the first time in anyone’s memory, someone deliberately attacked the home of a woman candidate running for state office. Nancy Wall the Republican state Senate Candidate from District 12 who has lived in Hollis for over 30 years was the target of what apparently was a pre-meditated act.

A large two-foot by four-foot sign that was mounted on a wood frame and installed in the ground at Wall’s home on the corner of Depot and Richardson Roads in Hollis was torn down and stolen. During the same attack, another smaller sign was also stolen from the candidate’s property. Her campaign signs were also stolen from about twenty-five other locations in Hollis and Nashua.

“I am just shocked that anyone would perpetrate this kind of violence on a woman candidate. It is outrageous that someone would invade the private property of a candidate with the malicious intent to tear down and steal her own campaign signs. The chilling part of it is that this was not a random act of vandalism. It was a targeted attack on the candidate’s home. I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Liz Christoffersen, Wall’s volunteer campaign manager.

Christoffersen said she left Wall’s home at 6:45 p.m. Monday evening after meeting with Wall to discuss her plan to solve the school funding issue. At that time, according to Christoffersen, the signs were still up.

“I left Nancy’s at 6:45 and those signs were there. One of our volunteers called me this morning at a little past eight to report that the large sign had been torn down and stolen. He told me he took a drive to check our other sign locations and the majority of them were gone. I drove over there this morning to see for myself and was amazed that anyone could uproot and tear down such a large and heavy sign without being seen,” said Christoffersen.

A police report was filed immediately with a patrol officer from the Hollis police department.

“Why would anyone deliberately invade my private property to do such a thing? This is not the New Hampshire way. In all election campaigns we can expect to have our differences of opinion but this not the way to solve them,” said Wall.

Property damage is a violation of the law. Anyone with information relating to this criminal act is asked to please call the Hollis Police Department at 465-7637 immediately