Carol Shea-Porter calls for investigation of House leaders implicated in the sex scandal

Carol Shea-Porter issued the following statement:

"As a mother, I absolutely deplore the behavior of Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who has admitted to making sexual advances on boys working in the House page program.  When families send their boys and girls to work as interns in Congress they deserve to know that their children will be protected from such predators.

But what I find truly and deeply offensive is that the House Republican leadership has known about Congressman Foley's behavior since at least last winter.  House Speaker Dennis Hastert, House Minority Leader John Boehner and NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds appear to have knowingly covered up this scandal for partisan political purposes.  Political leaders have chosen to sacrifice children for political gain.

I ask Congressman Bradley to join me in calling for the resignation of any House member, Democrat or Republican, who has participated in sexual activity with a minor or who has covered-up such behavior.  This behavior is immoral and inexcusable.  It is worse still to stand by and do nothing."