Carol Shea-Porter calls for Jeb Bradley to return PAC money from House leadership

Jeb Bradley has received $41,000 in PAC contributions from the three members of the House Republican leadership who have been implicated in the Foley sex scandal. Federal Election Commission reports show that Bradley received $5000 from John Boehner and $5000 from Tom Reynolds in this election cycle alone.

Jeb Bradley was also one of the last members of Congress to return PAC contributions from Tom DeLay.

"Yesterday I asked for Jeb Bradley to join me in calling for the resignation of any US Representative, Democrat or Republican, who tried to cover up this scandal. It is not enough just to say this is wrong -- everyone knows that. If Jeb wants to make a real stand he should publicly demand that these people to step down."

"Jeb Bradley has been too quiet and too tolerant about the many ethical lapses in this Congress. Americans are sick of this silence and lack of leadership. Jeb should tear these checks into little pieces and send them back."


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