For Immediate Release - MRC

State Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan and Manchester Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley are always talking about the ethics of Republicans in the State of New Hampshire. However, when it comes to cleaning their own house, the broom is left in the closet.

Kathy and Ray have the gall to put forward a candidate for state representative in Manchester’s Ward 8, Michael Farley, who was disbarred as an attorney in 2002, and whose past is littered with unethical conduct.

Farley was disbarred for violating professional conduct, abusing his privileges with his elderly client, whose trust fund was in his care. Thousands of dollars were diverted from his client’s account. Furthermore, Farley admits to his guilt. He claims that there were mitigating factors in writing inappropriate checks.

In addition, Farley claims to have been in Ward 8 since1964. If that is true, then why did he run for State Rep. in Wards 10, 11 and12 (District 17) in 2004? Is this another mitigating factor? On the other hand, is it just a plain lie?

Kathy and Ray are very concerned that Republicans are held to the highest ethics, yet, they allow Farley to represent the Democrats in Ward 8.

Why is it, that Kathy Sullivan and Ray Buckley are not held accountable for their lack of judgment?

Why is Michael Farley allowed to run for political office? Kathy and Ray?

Is this the best the Democrats can do?