Cox Calls for Reagan-like Deterrent Against N. Korea Testing


The following is a statement from presidential candidate John Cox, the only announced presidential candidate of the 2008 race:

"The eyes of the world are on North Korea today as it makes a profound choice that could affect its future and the future stability of the region, and indeed the world.

The choice its leader Kim Jung-Il faces is a stark one: forgo nuclear testing and accept peace and prosperity and better relations with his neighbors and the world, or test a nuclear-armed weapon and risk further isolation and possible war.

A nuclear-armed North Korea would be a destabilizing factor in the region. It could cause South Korea, Japan and even Taiwan to seek a nuclear deterrents themselves. It would lead to an arms race that could have unforeseen affects for generations.

Ronald Reagan demonstrated Peace through Strength by sending Pershing Missiles to Western Europe in the 1980s. That bold move caused the Soviets to think twice about threatening the Free World, and it hastened the fall of Communism itself.

As president, I would move nuclear submarines to the coast of North Korea as a signal to the world that I will not tolerate nuclear testing from this rouge nation.

The world watches and waits for North Korea’s decision. I pray that they make the wise one, but in light of the past behavior of North Korea’s strongman, we must be fully prepared for every contingency."

John H. Cox, 51, is the first announced Republican candidate for president in 2008. He has active campaign organizations in 11 states. He is an attorney, CPA, real estate broker and investment advisor. He is the former president of the Cook County (IL) Republican Party. John Cox lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and four daughters. For more information, visit