Second Attack at Home of Woman State Senate Candidate

Hollis, NH --- Nancy Wall, the Republican state Senate Candidate from District 12, was for the second time in a week, the target of what apparently was a deliberate destructive act. A large two-foot by four-foot campaign sign that was stolen and then recovered in the woods off Broad Street in Hollis last week was mowed down by a large car or truck last night and left in a mangled mess on the property of the candidate. Earlier in the week, on Monday night, Wall’s campaign lost about twenty-five signs in Hollis and Nashua to the attackers.

The large sign was mounted on a wood frame and had been re-installed in the ground by a volunteer on Friday after the Monday night attack.

“We just got the sign put back up. It was only up for a day and a half and they came back to run it over. I just do not understand why anyone would target a candidate’s home like this. All of the other signs in the immediate area are intact. Why wouldn’t they run those down too? Are they trying to send some kind of message?” said Liz Christoffersen, Wall’s volunteer campaign manager.

A police report was filed on Sunday with the Hollis Police Department.

Wall was unavailable for comment.

The Wall campaign is offering a cash reward for information leading to the apprehension and arrest of the perpetrators. Anyone with information relating to this criminal act is asked to please call the Hollis Police Department at 465-7637 immediately.