“Executive Council want-to-be Paul Martineau’s criticism of Wieczorek spokesman Marshall Cobleigh’s facts is patently ridiculous and sounds like a feeble gasp of a failing campaign. Paul Martineau’s figures are just like his bikini—what they reveal is interesting, but misleading—and what they conceal is fundamental. My mother used to tell me that figures don’t lie, but don’t trust a liar’s figures. Didn’t Martineau’s mother teach him anything about honesty and integrity when he was growing up? Why is he trying to fool the public?” Cobleigh asks.

The falsehoods did not come from my mouth as he alleges. I set forth the complete facts taken verbatim from the Manchester City Government Red Book for the entire period. The falsehood comes from Martineau’s selective interpretation of certain selected years to get from his tortured claim that Wieczorek is a big taxer. The facts do speak for themselves—as long as you consider all the facts. The total tax increase for Ray Wieczorek’s ten year tenure as Mayor (1991 – 2000) is 18.6%. The average tax rate increase for Ray Wieczorek’s entire tenure is 1.86% per year. The consumer price index for the exact same period went up 28.9% or an average of 2.89% peryear. This proves conclusively that Ray Wieczorek is not a big taxer as Martineau falsely alleges, but that his average tax rate increase was less than the consumer price index during the same period. What part of that don’t you understand, Paul?

“One of the Executive Council’s main duties is to examine the fine details of every contract the State of New Hampshire enters into over $5,000. At the September 27 Executive Council meeting, Governor Lynch acknowledged, ‘Wieczorek’s constant effort to save taxpayermoney.’ It’s sad to see Paul Martineau’s feeble attempts to understand the facts of Wieczorek’s complete tax record which is an open book for anybody who wants to find out the real truth. Paul Martineau looks like a math class dropout when it comes to analyzing factual data—which makes him unqualified to serve on the Executive Council,” stated Cobleigh. “Martineau served as Tax Assessor for 21 years. Should we be concerned about the numbers he put together during that 21-year career? One has to wonder if Martineau used the same kind of faulty math techniques to arrive at his alleged savings as welfare commissioner.”

“If Paul Martineau is any kind of a gentleman, he would apologize to me,” Cobleigh declared. “I told the whole truth and Martineau called it a falsehood. Martineau tried to be clever and fool the people by choosing selective years from Wieczorek’s exemplary record. I hope that we’ve heard the end of Martineau’s foolish claims that Wieczorek is a big taxer because they just aren’t true when you look at the details of the entire facts as contained in the official Manchester tax rates.” Cobleigh concluded.