Shea-Porter and Bradley exchange views at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Congressional candidates Carol Shea-Porter and Jeb Bradley appeared this morning at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce breakfast. The event was structured as a formal debate, although it was a ticketed program intended primarily for Chamber members. Approximately 80 people attended.

Shea-Porter called for creating a level playing so small businesses can survive in an age of multi-national corporations. She also stated her opposition to the Bush tax cuts, which have shifted the burden of taxation from the wealthiest families and large corporations to the middle-class and small businesses.

Shea-Porter criticized Bradley for going along with the Bush administration's policy of "borrow and spend, borrow and spend" which has turned a budget surplus in the year 2000 into a massive budget deficit. Bradley told the audience that he would continue to stand for fiscal frugality.

After the debate, Shea-Porter approached Bradley to enquire whether he would be willing to debate in a forum open to the general public. She specifically asked him to attend a town hall meeting on Saturday afternoon in Exeter or one on Saturday evening in Dover. Bradley said that he would check his schedule but he believed that he was busy every day until the election.