Investigator corrects information about Maura Murray investigation

I am the lead investigator for the volunteer team working under the banner of the Molly Bish Foundation to help the family of Maura Murray. Maura disappeared in New Hampshire about two years ago

In an article on her father's (Fred Murray) quest for public records and police reports an Associated Press reporter wrote in The Union Leader:

"refusal to share any information with him or private investigators."

I write to make the facts clear. The police are handling the criminal/missing person investigation. They have not refused us in any way. We have not and will not ask. Our volunteer group has conducted inquiries that lead up to a recent, large scale, search of areas not before searched. This effort will continue.

The group of investigators does not work for the Murray family, though we are assisting them. We are a pro bono group and are doing this under the banner of the Molly Bish Institute.(MollyBish.Org)

We oppose the release of any records or police reports to any entity. It would be contrary to RSA 91-A and the case law to date and if released could substantially damage the investigation being conducted by law enforcement.

We realize they have a tremendous amount of hours into this case and continue to work on it. We have not and will not request information from them. Any facts we learn we have already passed on to them.

Those reports are and ought to be non-public. This is an open and ongoing investigation.

We have communicated our opposition to the release of the reports to the Murray family and to the State Police and Attorney General.

John M. Healy
Litigation Intelligence Services, LLC