Mayor Looks to Re-Unite Neighborhoods

Manchester- Mayor Frank C. Guinta today urged Manchester residents to reunite their neighborhoods by forming neighborhood associations.

"If you consider the hectic work schedules that people have these days, coupled with the significant real estate turnover of the past decade, it should come as no surprise that people no longer know their neighbors," Guinta said. "A neighborhood association is geared towards reconnecting people and giving a real sense of cohesiveness to the various neighborhoods across the city."

This call for neighborhood associations comes from a common sentiment expressed to Mayor Guinta in his ward meetings held this year. Over the past eleven months, Guinta has held ward meetings in eleven wards with the twelfth and final ward visit in the works.

"As I go from ward to ward and meet with residents, people often comment to me that their neighborhood isn’t what it used to be," Guinta remarked. "It used to be that people knew everyone in their neighborhood; they knew their local firefighters and police patrol officers; they knew the history of the area, its people and buildings. We can’t go back, but we can come together. Neighborhood Associations will go a long way in doing this."

Neighborhood Associations are based on the social objective of getting neighbors together for the betterment of their community. They do so through activities such as:

  • Holding block parties where a neighborhood gets a chance to celebrate itself and display local pride.
  • Conducting beautification projects such as planting trees and flowers.
  • Assisting the elderly and handicapped in the neighborhood with projects like cleaning up their yards.
  • Conducting clean up efforts for a park or a brook in the neighborhood.
  • Developing a list of neighborhood issues that neighbors wish to have addressed and brought to their Alderman or other City Officials.
  • Working with the local neighborhood watch to ensure that residents do their part to prevent crime in the area.

City staff is available to assist anyone that is interested in starting a neighborhood association. Startup advice, website creation assistance, and assistance with publicity are available to interested individuals.

Anyone interested in forming an association in their neighborhood should contact the Mayor’s Office at 603.624.6500.