New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Political Action Committee Formed

Group to serve as watchdog protectors of New Hampshire's low tax and less spending traditions.

Manchester, NH- "The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition's goal is to preserve and protect the New Hampshire way of life with the underlying goal of local control, no sales or income tax and electing representative of the people who vow to keep taxes low and limit spending," said Michael Biundo who is listed as Chairman of the political action committee that will be filed as of November 16, 2006 with the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office.

"Biundo says widespread interest in this coalition has been almost automatic among many conservatives in the state who want to make sure public awareness is elevated on any and all new tax or spending initiatives proposed in Concord. The coalition plans a full-scale grass roots effort as well as annual ratings of elected lawmakers ranking their performance on tax and spending measures for New Hampshire voters. Biundo says the coalition will be one of the leading conservative grass roots efforts in New Hampshire with county and local community leaders as well as an expanding advisory board". said Michael Biundo

"New Hampshire's true advantage is our local control approach to governance as well as maintaining one of the lowest tax burdens in America," Biundo said. "We want to ensure this advantage lives on in changing political times. While many newly elected office holders say they are opposed to a sales or income tax, we believe it is more important than ever to keep their feet to the fire when it comes to protecting tax payers and the New Hampshire Advantage."

Also listed as being the founding members of this coalition is Jack Heath, Biundo's partner in Meridian Communications who will serve as the group's treasurer and media strategist. The group says upcoming activities include fund raising for the on-going public awareness, an interactive web site as well as an end of year event which will honor lawmakers who earn high voting marks from the upcoming legislative session for their record when it comes to tax and spending bills.

Charles Douglas (former NH Supreme Court Justice and former US Rep. NH 2nd Dist.)

Tom Thomson (son of former NH Governor Meldrin Thompson)

Representative Pam Manney, Goffstown NH

Jim Coburn (former State Representative, former Republican Nominee for Governor)