The 11/17/06 Union Leader included an article indicating that the Manchester school district, after being forced to follow their instructions to put their school pizza suppliers out to bid, instead of simply deciding among themselves to whom they would give these contracts, finally did so for a second round of bids. Remarkably, the article reveals that for the new pizza bid winner, "The savings for an entire year would be $66,593." This incident is significant not only because the Democratic controlled School Board, in the first place, was found to have disobeyed their written procedures to put these expenditures out to bid, but also because they expressed astonishment that by doing so, they could obtain the pizzas for less money. Manchester voters must realize, firstly, that these Democratic controlled School Board members disobeyed regulations, and also didn't realize the elementary fact that they could get school supplies for less money through competitive bidding. Secondly, that these Democratic controlled School Board members, who still need to learn to follow their given instructions, and who show themselves to be unaware of elementary facts of life, are the ones in control of Manchester children's education. Thirdly, that you are the voters who put them there. As Pogo famously said many years ago, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."


This Union Leader issue also had other articles and printed Letters to the Editor from Manchester taxpayers who all expressed dismay at the increases in taxes the Democratic controlled Aldermen were handing out.

In a very recent discussion with one Democratic Alderman regarding Mayor Guinta's attempt to control and reduce spending and taxes by increasing efficiency and better controlling spending, his response was that this realistically couldn't be done, because expenditures were mandated, under contracts, etc., etc., etc., and there was simply no other way than to raise more money through higher taxes in order to meet these obligations. When questioned about the recent pressuring of the School Board to put out the first pizza bids and the resulting $50,000+ savings, his response was that this, in effect, was just an insignificant amount.


There are lessons to be learned from all this. While Democrats appear always to pride themselves on "meaning well," what they do not always realize is that "meaning well," alone, does not necessarily result in "doing well." In fact, "meaning well," can end in negative or destructive results. When $50,000 to $66,000 are considered "insignificant" in Democratic eyes, it can mean only two things. First, it may be insignificant when it's someone else's money, rather than one's own. Second, even if this is only one possible saving, the final total, through hunting for efficiencies everywhere could result in tremendous savings for the taxpayer.


The final and ultimate lesson is that the "Consistent Democratic Approach to Problems" rarely, if ever, goes very far beyond "meaning well."