John Cox for President Campaign Makes Itself Known with Three-State "Sign Blitz"


The John Cox for President campaign flexed its muscles over the weekend, as volunteers plastered yard signs on roadsides across three early primary and caucus states in what it called a "sign blitz."

It was designed as a demonstration of the campaign’s volunteer strength.

Hundreds of white and blue signs bearing the businessman and former Cook County Republican Party president’s name and Website ( were placed throughout Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina Saturday, Nov. 19.

They will be removed by the same volunteers within three weeks. The event was planned and organized by campaign coordinators in the three states several weeks ago, said campaign officials.

The sign placement event showed that Cox, who became the first to announce his candidacy for the 2008 presidential race back in March, has a strong presence in all three states, said acting Campaign Director Nathan Martin.

"While other candidates are just now establishing their campaigns, or are relying on paid workers from other states to gain a foothold in the early primary and caucus states, John Cox has hundreds of volunteers eagerly supporting his campaign and spreading the word about his message," he said. "The excitement is building about John Cox and his campaign is really taking off."

The goal of the effort, said campaign Communications Director Stephen Abbott. was to raise the visibility of John Cox, who has been ignored by many major media outlets, who are focusing instead on "celebrity candidates," none of whom have actually announced their candidacies.

"John Cox has been actively campaigning for eight months and it’s the duty of media organizations to cover this campaign and all of the serious candidates seeking the presidency," he said. "His is a campaign of an outsider who is offering common sense solutions to our nation’s problems, and everyone who hears his Reaganesque message is impressed by it. More people deserve to hear that message. Conservative activists in the party recognize that the celebrity candidates are not representing them."

Cox has made 11 campaign trips to Iowa since his campaign’s announcement on March 9, along with nine to New Hampshire and 6 to South Carolina. Nearly 70% of these states’ counties have volunteer coordinators.

He has made dozens of radio appearances, conducted dozens of meetings in living rooms and spoken at GOP committee meetings across the nation.

In addition to the three early primary states, the Cox campaign has active state committees in 15 other states, headed by volunteers.

Cox said he was very pleased by the effort and said the "sign blitz" demonstrates that his message of social and fiscal conservatism has momentum.

"Wherever I go, I find Republicans who are eager for a return to a message of hope, opportunity and progress, and who are ready to rebuild our party based on conservative principles," he said. "I’m heartened, but not surprised, that so many volunteers have rallied to that message and are actively supporting my campaign, both in these early states and across the nation. I urge all Americans to join us in this monumental and important effort."

John H. Cox, 51, is the first announced Republican candidate for president in 2008.He is a CPA, real estate broker, attorney and investment advisor. He has founded and run five companies. He is the former president of the Cook County (IL) Republican Party. John Cox lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and four daughters. For more information, visit