American Family Voices Voters' Alliance Releases New Ad Entitled "Anything's Possible"

Today, American Family Voices Voters’ Alliance released a new ad, “ Anything’s Possible ” in 9 competitive congressional districts across the country. After talking with allies out in the field, and various colleagues around the country, we have become increasingly convinced that in the midst of all the nasty negative campaign ads and attacks going on in this election, progressives must end this campaign on a strong, positive, and uplifting note. The message must motivate voters and give them hope. American Family Voices Voters’ Alliance is proud to have produced an ad, “Anything’s Possible” that does just that and we believe that it will have a major impact.

As we come down to the final stretch of this campaign, it is increasingly clear that independent voters will determine the results of the elections in many targeted races this cycle, and it is these independent voters who have been caught in the crossfire of negative ads for months now. The real hope for progressives making gains in the House or the Senate depends on their ability to turn the conversation to a positive message. And in recent polling by the Democracy Corps, a positive message about a new direction defeated the standard Republican message by 18 points. As this campaign draws to a close it is particularly important to close out with a strong partisan message, not engaging in the same old negative partisan politics.

Please visit our website,, to check out the ad.

American Family Voices Voters’ Alliance is a 527 organization focused on independent issue based activities from a progressive viewpoint.