Manchester , NH – In the wake of continued misleading and negative ads being promoted by Democrat candidates and their Party leaders’, ManchesterRepublican Chairman Jerry Thibodeau released the following statement.

“It is unfortunate that the Democrat Party and their Candidates find themselves needing to run from their own records and lack of accomplishments by lying about Republicans. The Republican Party’s message of low taxes, local control and personal fiscal responsibility, has and will continue to be a winning message no matter how many times the Democrats try to distort it”. said Jerry Thibodeau

“First we had the fictitious Jim Coburn “gas tax propaganda series of ads and signs, now they are distorting Senator Andre Martel record of being a strong tax fighter for the taxpayers of District 20 when will they ever learn?” continued Jerry T hibodeau

“Democrats just don’t get it, the voters of Manchester and around this state have and continue to want real leadership in Concord , they want lower taxes, they want local control and they certainly don’t want a sales or income tax. Taking Senator Martel’s yes vote, to send a tax increase to study, thus killing the bill, as a signal he voted for a tax increase is not only a distortion of reality it is an out right lie” concluded Jerry Thibodeau.