“Diogenes was famous for trying to find an honest man. I’m trying to find anybody that ever heard Lou D’Allesandro, Betsy DeVries, Paul Martineau, Bev Hollingsworth, Bob Backus, or any of the other Democrat state candidates, make a speech or ever even argue against a broad based sales or income tax.

I can’t find any record of any of the above Democrats ever uttering a word, public or private, or ever advocating against a broad based sales tax, until the party’s polling gurus instructed them to put these magic words, ‘nosales or income tax’ in their advertisements.” declared Republican City Committee Chairman Jerry Thibodeau.

Thousands of people remember both Bev Hollingsworth and Lou D’Allesandro running for governor and advocating broad based taxation. But, nobody has ever heard any of them speak against it except in recent political ads. Did you ever see a press release from any of the above announcing a public mea culpa for changing long-held beliefs because a Democratic pollster told them the magic words, ‘no sales or income tax’ had to appear in their advertisements if they were to win in 2006? Forforty years, he’s been stuck with the name, ‘Liberal Lou’ D’Allesandro, but suddenly his ads now proclaim ‘no sales or income tax.’ Is this a deep-rooted change in philosophy after all these years? Or is it simply ‘profiles in expediency’ to get elected?” the Republican Chair asks.

“We have circulated a petition, asking State Legislative and Senate Candidates to pledge to vote against a sales or income tax. The Republican candidates have responded affirmatively. Yet, the liberal converts refuse to sign. Do they really mean what they say? Can the people of New Hampshire expect them to carry out their ‘no sales or income tax’ credo contained in their advertising? Or is it more realistic to expect that once the election has gone by, big liberal spenders will go back to their roots and once again seek to spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax, elect, elect, elect?” asks Thibodeau.