NH Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan’s unfailing defense of anything Democrats do and constant carping criticism of all Republican actions came back to bite her this week,” declared Republican Manchester City GOP Chairman Jerry Thibodeau.  Anyone who pays any attention at all tothe New Hampshire news media is familiar with the constant bleating of New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan.  But this past week she went too far too fast. When United States Senator John Kerry made his outrageous statement, ‘You know, education if you make the most of it you study hard you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well.  If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq,’ as usual, the loud mouthDemocratic Chair Sullivan leaped to his defense declaring unequivocally, “I agree with John Kerry.”  Now that respected Democrats across the nation have silenced Kerry and pulled him from pre-election campaign appearances, and even forced him to make a focus group driven apology for what he falsely claims was an attempt at humor.  Kathy Sullivan is, for the first time in her life, silent.  When is she going to apologize for agreeing with Senator John Kerry?   And when is she going to start demanding that Democrat candidates who have been inundated with over $300,000 of Kerry’s cash return it as she so frequently demands Republicans do?