6pm update from National Journal Hotline

Shenanigans, Bugs And Glitches: 6:00 Update

Are the voting problems in NM 01 worth the fuss? This CBS report says no.

The FBI is investigating the shut down of Mike Bouchard's website in MI.

MoveOn.org Political Action "is offering a $250,000 reward for new material evidence leading to a felony conviction for an organized effort of partisan voter suppression or electronic voting fraud."

Fromthe NJ GOP :" During a conference call this afternoon, New Jersey Republican State Committee Counsel Mark Sheridan discussed allegations of voting machine rigging in at least 7 New Jersey polling places in Passaic, Union, Middlesex, Camden,and Hudson counties."

Mark Sheridan said, "We have received dozens of calls from predominately Democrat areas throughout the state complaining of voting machines being preset with votes for Menendez, pollworker misconduct, and machines not registering votes for Tom Kean per the voter's intent. Upon entering the voting booth, individuals have encountered machines that are pre-set to vote for Menendez, causing serious confusion. In some instances, the voter has been unable to de-select the pre-set Menendez vote using the touch screen. A number of voters also have called to express concern that they mistakenly voted for Menendez."

Fromthe Ehrlich-Steele campaign:

There have been three reports of uniformed individuals threatening to confiscate campaign literature and/or arrest Ehrlich-Steele supporters for passing out campaign literature in Prince George’s County earlier today. This is a violation of Federal Election Code 18 USC 594 and can be punished by up to one year in prison.

Lots of ballot confusion inCentral Florida

Dems Conerned About RI, Baltimore.

Democratic boiler room sources report concern about Democratic turnout in Rhode Island....

In Maryland, the party believes it's overperforming in Montgomery County and a little in Prince George's County. The party believes it is underperforming in Baltimore City.

The Dems are confident about Virginia...and are expecting another surge tonight.

Dems "have concerns in Denver due to all the problems they are having there."

Demsare pleasantly surprised about what they're seeing in TN and MO.