Bugs and Glitches Watch + What To Watch For



Bugs and Glitches Watch

Remember: millions of people voting * tens of poll workers * thousands of machines = literally billions of voting-related transactions.

We've checked in with the national parties, and aside from minor, sporadic tangles and anecdotal evidence of high turnout, there are no major national voting problems.

Here's the AP's national overview.

Maryland and Virginia

Ohio -- Well, it's Ohio.

Indiana: problems with machines and poll workers but not with the state's new voter ID law.

Camden, NJ -- 30 machines not working.

From the PA Dem Party: "Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney today said an injunction was granted to have “Rendell/Santorum” signs removed from areas near polling places in Philadelphia."

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What To Watch For...

How quickly is an official request filed in St. Louis to keep polls open?

Early voting effect on stopping Burns' momentum and on salvaging Ford?

Dems living by the independent sword in just about every race but two: CT SEN And RI SEN where the Dem nominee does NOT lead among indies.

At what point during the day does Fox News start focusing almost entirely on Pelosi, Rangel, etc

Does the early vote make MI tighter?

How many live shots from Louisville, KY tonight? Does John Yarmuth become the most famous alternative weekly publisher in America?

Does John McCain appear on every network at 10pm tonight?

If the GOP loses less than 25 seats, will the WH pin all the blame on the House and deflect any Iraq/WH blame?

If Dems fall short, do party regulars dump on Kerry a la "Bartman" of Chicago Cub fame? Howard Dean?

If Dems win, will party regulars give Dean any credit? (He deserves some...)

Will all the nets cover Hillary's "victory" speech?

Who is the designated senior administration official who'll give reporters the background response of the White House tonight?

Who is the first member of the current GOP leadership tp blame Bush? Karl Rove?

Romney, McCain, Giuliani's first statements ... Compare and contrast.