More Shenanigans and glitches from National Journal


Shenanigans, Bugs And Glitches: 4pm Update


Were high density Republican precincts in NM 01 left without an adequate supply of provision ballots? A precinct in NM ran out of ballots in two hours -- only 150 provisional ballots were provided. Rep. Heather Wilson: "They are turning away voters."

Machine problems at Democratic precincts in TX 22: "Even prior to 8 am, there were already problems at the Oak Lake Baptist Church polling location in Ft. Bend County, which serves precinct 4126. The E-Slate machines were not working, and voters were turned away from the polls. This precinct is targeted by Nick Lampson's campaign and Democrats this year. "

Democratic intimidation in OH 15?

Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD) issues a statement: "In all my years as a public official and candidate for office, I have never seen anything so deceitful, offensive and desperate. Michael Steele and the Republican Party are taking gutter politics to a new low. Since he can’t win on the issues, Michael Steele is taking a page from Karl Rove’s playbook and turning to the politics of deception. The people of Maryland deserve better.”

From Democrats: "It appears that Missouri officials appear to be handling voters correctly when optical scan machines are failing. Those voters are now being allowed to cast their ballots, even if they have to be scanned later on a working machine, without having to wait for the machine to be fixed, and without being forced to vote on provisional ballots. We will continue to monitor this."

Dems say that voters in Dem precincts recieved telephone calls urging them to cast ballots in different locations in St. Louis Co. and Kansas City. MO.

Also -- Dems have filed suit to keep polls in Denver Co., CO open for two extra hours because of early morning problems.

About 40 percent of precincts in Cuyahoga County in Ohio had to switch to paper ballots.