New Coalition Group and Exeter Representative move to destroy New Hampshire's way of life

(Manchester, NH) - The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition released the following statement regarding the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition's 3 year commitment to end New Hampshire's pledge to oppose an income tax or sales tax.

"New Hampshire's true advantage is our way of life. Ending the Pledge will open the door to a sales or income tax, it has served as a protector of our local control approach to governance and has helped New Hampshire maintain one of the lowest tax burdens in America. It's appalling that the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition's main agenda item is destroying what has protected our way of life." said Mike Biundo, Chairman of the NH Advantage Coalition.

"I find it ironic that a group whose treasurer is former State Senator Mark Fernald, the same Mark Fernald that ran on a pro-income tax platform for Governor in 2002 now claim they are not advocating a "specific tax". This< thinly veiled attempt to open the door to news taxes such as Representative James Kennedy's 3% income tax bill." continued Biundo.

"Lamarre-Vincent says his group doesn't want New Hampshire to spend an extra dime. The way they are talking they either want to tax the dimes you earn or tax the dimes you spend either way they get there by eliminating the pledge that protects us all." continued Biundo.

The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition's goal is to preserve and protect the New Hampshire way of life- with the underlying goal of preserving local control, protecting against a sales or income tax and electing< representative of the people who vow to keep taxes low and limit spending.