Yesterday the House and the Senate passed a major modification of Title 18, US Code which essentially names the use of “pretexts” to obtain interstate or foreign telephone billing information. This bill was supported by the Professional Investigator’s voice in Washington, National Council of Safety and Security Services (NCISS).

“The professional association of investigators in New Hampshire , New Hampshire League of Investigators (NHLI) is a member of NCISS,” said John Healy , out-going President of the association. He continued “NHLI has long supported openness, as far as is possible in the work of Professional Investigators.”

“Investigators across the nation are engaged daily in activities to protect children, investigate crimes, protect business and property interests, recover monies or property, find lost person and loved ones and seek the truth in matters before the court,” said Don Nason, newly elected President of NHLI.

The role of the investigator in society is often misunderstood and relegated to the text of a Mickey Splaine soft-cover fiction. While such stories are interesting and the TV shows spawned are exciting, the real task of a PI is much less exciting and more dedicated to “watching asphalt” as Investigator and Re-elected State Representative Jordan Ulery (R- Hillsborough-27) often says.

PIs are concerned with your privacy and real investigators, professional investigators, only undertake surveillance or an action associated with a legitimate business purpose within the confines of the definition of a permissible purpose as outlined in various laws including Gramn-Leach-Biley Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debit Collection Practices Act, the Driver Privacy Protection act. The Profession is commonly regarded as the most heavily regulated profession in the United States .