Mitt Romney Interview with Fox News' Carl Cameron

On Life Issues:

“Upon a full examination of the sanctity of life and when life begins, there is no question, when you put together all the DNA, you've got life and it's human. And I recognize that every civilized society respects human life. And on that basis, I came out and said, look, I am pro-life. Let there be no ambiguity.”

On Gay Marriage:

“I want gay individuals to have equal rights in housing and equal rights in education. I don't believe in discrimination and I don't believe the American people do. That’s a fundamental principle. At the same time, just as fundamental is the principle that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. And to suggest somehow that those two things can’t co-exist, that respecting rights of people who think differently and make different choices in their life that that can't go together with preserving marriage is just not right.”

On Religion:

“The name on my church is actually the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I do believe in Jesus Christ is the son of God. But of course there are many others in our country that don’t believe that They believe in other faiths and whether that’s the Jewish religion or Muslim religion or others and they are entitled to do that. Look, the sixth article of the Constitution of the United States got it right. It said no religious test shall ever be required for qualification for office or public trust in these United States.”