Norelli and Company take New Hampshire for a walk on the Liberal Side

Norelli and Company take New Hampshire for a walk on the Liberal Side New Chairmen have constantly voted against the best interests of the taxpayers.

(Manchester, NH) - The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition released the following statement regarding the newly appointed committee chairman of Commerce, Finance, and Ways and Means.

"Speaker Norelli's has handed the stewardship of New Hampshire's checkbook to some of Concord's biggest tax and spenders. This move has clearly put New Hampshire in danger of losing our low tax advantage. Having reviewed the voting records of these newly elect chairmen, it's disturbing to see their consistent pattern of voting against New Hampshire taxpayers." Said Mike Biundo, Chairman of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition.

The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition begin reviewing past voting records of Representatives Reardon, Eaton, Franklin, and Almy upon the release of the speaker's decision to name them committee chairs. After reviewing their combined voting record the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition found these members voted for new taxes 40 times, as well as 24 increases in taxes/spending, and they opposed a decrease in taxes more then 10 times. Such votes include Income Bills HB 109, 120, 124, 622 and 759.

"This session alone multiple income tax bills have been introduced, we have a proposed increase on the rooms and meals tax, we even have a proposed tax on candy and soda. When will the lawmakers learn that local control, low taxes and the absence of a sales and income tax are key to protecting New Hampshire's Advantage and way of life" continued Biundo.