HRA Congratulates Whalley

The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (HRA) wishes to congratulate Representative Michael Whalley (R- Alton) on his selection as the Republican Leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and will vigorously support him in his efforts to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage and to defend the Republican principals of low taxes, personal freedom and a safe and secure society.

“Mike has a big challenge and needs the support of all Republicans,” stated Rep. Andy Renzullo (R-Hudson), who, along with Rep. D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem) and Rep. Nancy Elliott (R-Merrimack) was recently chosen to co-chair the Alliance. ”We in the HRA will be helping our Republican leader, Mike Whalley, to accomplish Republican goals,” Renzullo continued.

Representative Elliott praised Whalley’s ability to unite Republicans. “Mike was an excellent choice. He exemplifies dignity and decorum. He will unify all Republicans in the House, giving us a strong voting block.”

The purpose of the House Republican Alliance is to preserve and strengthen the traditional principles and values of the Republican Party through the NH House of Representatives and throughout the state of NH, including fiscal restraint, personal freedom and responsibility, small government, free enterprise and strong families. For more information, please log onto