Manchester- Mayor Frank C. Guinta today extended his Senior Holiday Tour to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Manchester. Guinta spent about an hour visiting with patients, staff and residents, sharing Christmas cookies and wishing them a happy holiday season.

"The holidays are such a hectic time of year for so many of us. I think it is imperative that we all take some time each holiday season and thank those who have done so much to make our country the great place it is today," Guinta said. "Visiting with our Veterans and Seniors this Christmas is just a small token of the City’s appreciation, and mine, for all that they have done."

Mayor Guinta’s Senior Holiday Tour is ongoing throughout the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To date, Guinta has visited residents and staff at eight senior homes in addition to hosting the Mayor’s Senior Luncheon earlier this month. The tour concludes on Thursday with a visit to the Villa Crest Residences.