Private Investigators - A Christmas Story

The public does not always get to hear about the good things investigators can accomplish for them. It seems that the negative stories make good reading and the positive ones often go untold.

A Christmas Story:

A young man is serving time in prison after threatening and assaulting a man who made advances toward his girl friend.

She just has his baby and he has never seen the baby or his girlfriend during the pregnancy. As part of the sentence the Court imposed a no contact order between the young man and his girlfriend. She was not a victim and was not clear on why this was done.

She could not afford an Attorney and turned to the New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc. for help. The NHLI President, John Healy, helped her prepare and file a Pro Se Motion to Amend the Sentence, to allow her to have contact with him, while he is in prison.

The Motion was prepared and filed and discussed with Assistant County Attorney Wayne Coul prior to the hearing. Mr. Coul, the Prosecutor in the case, showed compassion and understanding, read the pleading, listed to the story and agreed not to oppose the idea.

The Judge granted a hearing, read the pleadings and listened to the young lady. She wanted her boyfriend to be part of her life and to be able to see his baby when it was born.

Baby Noah was born just after the hearing. The Court granted the Motion to Amend the Sentence and today Noah is going to meet his father for the first time.

The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc. is the only professional association of licensed investigators in the State. Its members are held to a standard far higher than the licensing law, in that they agree, in writing, to abide by a Code of Professional Ethics. Membership in The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc is the Hallmark of the Professional Investigator in New Hampshire.

As their tag line states: Professional Investigators are Members of Professional Associations.

Several members of The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc are working, pro bono for the family of Maura Murray who vanished two years ago in New Hampshire. (