Josiah Bartlett v. The IRS

With the year rapidly closing, there are only a few days left to battle the IRS. Did you know a contribution to The Josiah Bartlett Center is tax-deductible? That's right, you can lower your taxes by making a donation to the organization fighting for prosperity and lower taxes. Very ironic, I think.
I don't need to tell you that there are few organizations that use charitable contributions as efficiently or as effectively as The Bartlett Center. If you have a few dollars, left in your charitable budget for 2006, go to and click on the paypal button up top. Of course, the old reliable US Mail will deliver a check right to our door --well, the door of the post office box, anyway.
As you know, we are private group relying entirely on private donations to tout the benefits of limited government and free markets. We work hard to make wise use of contributions of $2 and $200. I hope you will consider what we might do together and make a small investment in The Bartlett Center. I promise you that we will put it to better use than the IRS would.
Happy New Year,