Announcing BlogNetNews New Hampshire

Something new debuts on the web this week:'s New Hampshire edition. You can find it here:

BlogNetNews doesn't have a political ax to grind and jumps ageneration ahead of other aggregators out there that just reprint posts andtell you which ones get clicked on the most.

We are going to use your feeds - and the feeds of top NewHampshire-centric news and political bloggers - to create new content andinformation that will organize your slice of the Internet to make it workbetter for your readers.

Our current version offers these features:

The day's top news - based solely on what news stories NewHampshire bloggers are linking to - no matter what mainstream news sourcethey're in.

A New Hampshire blogs search engine.

A quick guide to the hottest blog comment sections in the New Hampshire-centric blogosphere.

A quick index of the day's most active New Hampshire news and politics blogs.

A guide to the New Hampshire blog posts most linked to by other New Hampshire bloggers.

In one place, in one minute, you'll get an update on what's going on across the blogosphere. And your readers will be able to find the best New Hampshire-related content - not based on random voters or some editor's choices - but based on the real actions of your fellow bloggers and their readers.

Our theory is simple: We think our tools will help new blog readers find the best content fast. A good experience means they'll come back -to you and to us. We also think a quick grasp of what's going on in the blogosphere will help you get more out of the time you spend blogging.

I hope you're interested in what we're doing. Please understand though, the site is new and the programming is still being tweaked and tested - in short all the parts are in motion. In order to quickly improve the site, we want your feedback. Write directly to me at

If you want to help, write about what we're doing and send your readers our way. Those blogs that add BNN/New Hampshire to their blogroll will get a permanent link on our front page as well. And expect another email from me later in the week announcing how you can add our search engine to your website.